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Our families and children are most important to all of us. We know that it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage our everyday schedules between work, children, spouses, and everything we need to manage our homes. On top of all this, we need to be vigilant about the food we eat and identifying food allergens for all family members. Food allergies span generations, old and young and affect both rich and poor alike.

With the advent of today’s Smartphone’s and technological advances, MyFoodFacts not only has the means to help those of us with food allergens, but we have the will, and the desire to improve the quality of life. At the heart of MyFoodFacts are innovation, research, design, and technology to help improve our lifestyle.

MyFoodFacts is welcoming and inviting all those with food allergens, sensitivities, and intolerances to become a part of our community and together, we can help improve the quality of life. The MyFoodFacts community forum is a way for food allergen sufferers to participate and to stay touch with everyone in the community, our brand and have a voice and be our guide for future updates and releases.

As part of our community, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of receiving news of new innovations and up coming features for MyFoodFacts. You can also contact us and tells us about your personal experiences with food allergies and any thoughts or ideas you may have in helping our entire community.

As a member of the community, we invite and encourage you and all those with food allergies to participate in letting us know what you like about MyFoodFacts and any improvements that you think will make it better for everyone. We review and evaluate everyone’s thoughts and wishes however; only those that would be the most beneficial to the community will be considered.


We are also inviting and encouraging our community to help us identify any differences that you may find between the food product label information in the supermarkets and MyFoodFacts. We have found from time to time that there maybe differences that could be due to low product turnover, restocking, and manufacturer’s time to market. As MyFoodFacts updates and maintains food product information on a daily basis, we strive to have the most current food product information however; we recognize that there still may be differences.

So please take a moment of your time to notify us of any differences that you may have discovered by sending us the UPC barcode either by contacting us through our website or directly from using MyFoodFacts. If you tap on notify us screen in MyFoodFacts, we will instantly receive the UPC barcode and will follow-up with the manufacturer and make the appropriate changes.

With MyFoodFacts, we are driven to provide our community with the most complete, accurate, and quality driven food product information possible. We will achieve this goal by maintaining our relationships with manufacturers, updating frequently, and having our community become involved. MyFoodFacts is not “just another app.”

As food allergy sufferers, we are millions of voices and together, we have the ability to make our voices heard and let manufacturers know we are not happy with their current labeling practices. As a community, with one voice, we can do this together so you can contact us if you want to submit your concerns to a particular manufacturer. With one voice, representing millions of food allergen sufferers, MyFoodFacts will submit the concerns of our community to the manufacturers.

As a community, we will make a difference for ourselves, our families, our children, and future generations. You can register and join our community today and have your say.

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