Barcode Scanning
Scan any food product barcode while shopping to get instant information.
Clear and Legible List of Ingredients
View the list of ingredients in very clear, legible and large font. You don’t have to squint to read the ingredients list nor will you have any difficulty seeing each ingredient on the list as MyFoodFacts makes it clearly visible.
View List of Ingredients in Alphabetical Order
View the ingredients list in alphabetical order – scroll through the list list easily to find a specific ingredient faster.
Product Allergen Alerts
MyFoodFacts will alert you if the product you’re scanning contains any potential allergens or allergen derivatives.
Personalize Food Allergens
MyFoodFacts can be easily customized to provide you with personalized food allergen alerts.
View List of Ingredients by Quantity Order
Shoppers can view the ingredients in order of greater quantity to minimum quantity.
Scanned Items Saved to a List for Future Reference
Save and view a history of the list of items you have scanned in the past.
Search Ingredients
MyFoodFacts allows you to perform a search for a specific ingredient.