New Study Concludes Refined Vegetable Oils Are Unlikely to Trigger a Reaction in Even the Most Sensitive People with Soya or Peanut Food Allergy

A study on refined vegetable oils was completed by the Institute of Food Research and a team of scientists from the UK and USA. They found that unrefined vegetable oils contain significant amounts of protein but put through a full refining process reduces the protein content by at least 100-fold in the refined oils.

The study concluded that refined vegetable oils such as soya or peanut are highly unlikely to trigger allergic reactions even in the most sensitive people.

This study offers promising results as there are no known cures for a food allergy. One must practice strict avoidance by reading the labels carefully for offending food allergens. The MyFoodFacts iPhone application can also be used as a companion to aid in the detection of food allergens.

To read the Abstract of the study, please go to:

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Peanut Allergy Attack from a Blood Transfusion

On May 19,2011, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article presenting a case where a 6-year-old boy with leukemia and severe allergy to peanuts, had an anaphylactic reaction caused by a platelet transfusion.

Although he recovered within 30 minutes after resuscitation with adrenaline the question remained, what could possibly have cause an allergic reaction during a transfusion?

Read more at The New England Journal of Medicine:

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